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P.U.L.S.E. – The Tetris of Mules

P.U.L.S.E. featuring Makenna Kellog and Holly Ellingson: The Tetris of Mules Hosted by Victor Rodriguez In this episode of "P.U.L.S.E." host Victor Rodriguez delves into the unknown world of Mule Packing...no really, it's a thing! Guests Makenna Kellog and Holly...

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Brahma Beginnings: Waldcast on Broadcast

Brahma Beginnings featuring Ronnie Wald: Waldcast on Broadcast Hosted by Salvador Fariaz   Listen in on Salvador Fariaz's show, "Brahma Beginnings" with his guest Ronnie Wald, broadcaster and founder of the Waldcast. The two talk about Wald's start on KPCR and...

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P.U.L.S.E. – A Journalist’s Roundtable

P.U.L.S.E. featuring Samantha Bravo, Taylor Arthur and Monica Vigil: A Journalist's Roundtable Hosted by Victor Rodriguez In this episode of "P.U.L.S.E.", host Victor Rodriguez discusses what makes the world go round in the journalism community. From interviews with...

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Comedy with Cameron: Just Keep Going

Comedy with Cameron featuring Terry Opp: Just Keep Going Hosted by Cameron Kern In this episode of “Comedy with Cameron” (a job that's no laughing matter), host Cameron Kern interviews stand up comedian Terry Opp. Opp discusses his journey stepping into the forefront...

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My Street Moves: Your Style is You

My Street Moves featuring DJ Hazze and Tiana Collins: Your Style is You Hosted by Bryson Wesley In this episode of "My Street Moves" host Bryson Wesley talks with his guests DJ Hazze and Tiana Collins regarding dance battles, the importance of earning your name and...

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SLA from the SFV: Punk with a Hint of Funk

SLA from the SFV featuring Alex Castro: Punk with a Hint of Funk Hosted by Dominique Dungo In this episode of "SLA from the SFV", host Dominique Dungo interviews the leader of the punk and ska band, Code Switch. Alex Castro, singer/songwriter/band leader discusses how...

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The Manes Event: Stepping Up

The Manes Event featuring Pierce interim head football coach James Sims: Stepping Up hosted by Joshua Manes In this episode of "The Manes Event" host Joshua Manes sits down with interim football coach James Sim to discuss his history in the sport, the experience...

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The End Zone – Endings are New Beginnings

The End Zone featuring Edward Keller: Endings are New Beginnings Hosted by Jose Bali In this episode of "The End Zone," host Jose Bali chats with Edward Keller who played high school football. Bali and his guest uncover the hidden struggles players experience, from...

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United Voices: Oportunidad para todos

United Voices featuring Modern Language Department Chair Fernando Oleas Hosted by Crystal Sanchez-Gil In this episode* of “United Voices” host Crystal Sanchez-Gil talks with the Chair of the Modern Language department Fernando Oleas about Programs that are available...

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Answers Unleashed: (The Book) Unleashed

Answers Unleashed: (The Book) Unleashed Hosted by Olympia LePoint Do You use your brain’s full powers? Need to overcome a challenging situation and regain success? How can you change painful memories to help you? In Today’s show, Olympia LePoint discusses her new book...

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Everyday Vegan: A Voice for the Animals

Everyday Vegan featuring Joy Graysen: A Voice for the Animals Hosted by Amairany Solano In this episode of "Everyday Vegan," host Amairany Solano sits down with vocal coach, life coach, and animal rights advocate Joy Graysen. Graysen shares the origin story of her...

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