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The Farsi Show- 10.13.16- Lady of the Roses

Lady of the Roses "Those who left, to build their world, and those who stayed behind, to build the world." Farsi Show goes around the city to be a bridge between you and the cultural, literature, and arts events. UCLA hosted a screening Lady Of The Roses, a moving...

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Dance My Way- 10.18.16- Dance In Motion

Dance In Motion Dance My Way with Randi Love is a show that focuses on promoting an interest in various dance styles and the individuals that teach it. On this episode Randi talks with Natalya Vasser, the owner of Valley studio Dance In Motion. She talks about the way...

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Local Voices- 10.13.16- Vision y Compromiso

Vision y Compromiso On this episode of Local Voices, Isela interviews Veronica Camacho and Hugo Ramirez, project coordinator and program manager at Vision and Compromiso.Vision y Compromiso works with Tarzana Treatment Center, Los Angeles Mental Health Department...

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Answers Unleashed- 10.18.16- How To Spot A Liar

How To Spot A Liar Do you know when someone is lying to you? How can you spot a liar? How can you know the truth? During the most recent 2016 U.S. Presidential Election debates with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, psychologists saw a high rise in anxiety, and they...

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Obscure Sense- 10.6.16- Doomed Youth LA

Doomed Youth LA Obscure Sense is the show that focuses on local artists in the colorful world of art and fashion with host Christian Juarez. On this episode Christian talks to Luis, creator of Doomed Youth. Doomed Youth is a clothing store online and zine. Luis...

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Answers Unleashed – 10.12.16- Decoding Dreams

Decoding Dreams Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint is a show that focuses on reprogramming the brain to overcome adversity. What does your dream mean? Does everyone dream? What does it mean when my dreams come true?  People are left with unanswered questions about...

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The Hidden Tone- 9.26.16- Deavion

Deavion Hidden Tone with Napolean Samad is the show that focuses on shining light on music artists around the valley. In this episode, Napolean interviews Deavion, an alternative singer-songwriter from Alaska. he now resides in Los Angeles to expand and further his...

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The Talk of Tinseltown- 10.6.16- “Madness”

"Madness" This is The Talk Of Tinseltown, where entertainment professionals come in studio to share wisdom, share stories, share their talents and share themselves with you! On this episode of The Talk Of Tinseltown, singer-songwriter Em Rossi joins us in studio to...

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Gothropology- 10.3.16- Baptism By Flame

Baptism By Flame Gothropology is the show that discusses ancient traditions, modern heretics, mortality, sexuality and regeneration- the guide to come and take you by the hand into unknown pleasures. On this episode, reiki master Kristin Dwan shares her lifelong...

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Fall 2015 Photos

Team is much like a baseball team. We have individuals who come together for a common cause, which is to produce radio shows. Jeff Favre teaches and advises reporters in the techniques used to create radio content. Our reporters choose the topics  and the direction of the show.
Our team produces weekly content in our live in broadcast studio at Pierce College. The broadcast studio is located inside Village 8212. Next door to The Roundup News and The Bull Magazine.
Team projects are called Pierce Profiles, which are podcasts.  Other projects like community documentaries are pre-recorded outside the studio. Podcasts are created by Broadcasting and Multimedia students using handheld recording equipment.
Pierce Profiles are where our team reporters produce a radio profile about a person, group or department of Pierce College.
Multitopics are pre-produced community features created by students attending Multimedia 114. Tracie Savage teaches and advises multimedia students in the industry practices used to create professional audio and video projects for news.

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