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Radio Marathon: December 14, 2018

Radio Marathon: December 14, 2018 Hosted by Marc Dionne with assistance from Nicholas Morser, Steve Lopez, Yajaira Garcia, and Michael Benavides. Listen to our six and a half hour radio Marathon labeled The Acoustic One.

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Fairly Local: Nova Shores

On this episode of Fairly Local, Michael Benavides brings to the show Cristian Arredondo and Finn Bennet from Nova Shores. They discuss struggles they had with a past member and how the chemistry of the new group dynamic affects the band for the better. We also get to listen to their song “High Tide” from their self-titled debut album Nova Shores, which is availabe to listen to on Spotify and Apple music. To keep up with them follow them on Instagram @nova_shores and on their Facebook page.

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Indiewood: Lights, Camera, Cinematography

Indiewood featuring Chris Casey: Lights, Camera, Cinematography Hosted by Steve Lopez In this episode of IndieWood host Steve Lopez talks with Cinematographer Chris Casey about cinematography from lights to the composition of what the audience sees on screen....

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Fairly Local: With Liberty

Michael Benavides
Mon, Nov 5, 5:31 PM (17 hours ago)

to me

On this episode of Fairly Local, Michael Benavides brings on With Liberty to talk a little bit about what it’s like being in a band as siblings. We also get to listen to their song “Time” from their upcoming EP The State of the Art planned to come out January 2019. Listen to more of their music on their SoundCloud and Bandcamp and follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @Withlibertyband.
If you would like to vote for them for the Vulgar Music Awards, you can do so here: https://www.quiz-maker.com/poll2124631xDc4369c9-60

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Fairly Local: No Surprises

Fairly Local featuring Trevor Krause: No Surprises Hosted by Michael Benavides On this episode of Fairly Local, Michael Benavides brings on Trevor Krause, frontman of No Surprises to talk about what it’s like being in multiple bands at once and what he’s learned from...

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Fairly Local: White Lightre

On this episode of Fairly Local, Michael Benavides brings on White Lightre and talk about the myth of the white lighter, starting a band because it looks cool, and the emotional effect of a member and close friend leaving the band. The episode features a live acoustic performance of two of their songs.
You can see White Lightre perform at Pop Music Studios in Northridge (19524 Nordhoff St.) on October 27 and 28. For more info you can check out their Instagram @WhiteLightre.
If you want to listen to more of their music Check out their SoundCloud @WhiteLightre

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Brahma Sports: Early Start, Big Victory

Brahma Sports featuring Dimitri King and Jayme Vicente-Colon: Early Start, Big Victory Hosted by Abdul Ali In this episode of Brahma Sports Pierce College corner-back Dimitri King stops by along with safety Jayme Vicente-Colon to talk about the teams mindset going...

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Brahma Sports: Spiking a way to victory

On this episode of Bahama Sports, host Abdul Ali interviews state champion and tournament MVP Cole Chea. Cole Chea discusses the factors that make a championship run, his background in volleyball and his perspective for their historic championship run. 

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The Real Fake News: Unpredictable Turns

In this episode of The Real/Fake News on KPCR, host Jesse Bertel discusses presidential and electoral politics in a game of Real News/Fake News with guests LA Comedian Juliah Rueckert, and Thousand Oaks City Council Member and Political Science Professor, Ed Jones.

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