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Farsi Show-3.15.2017- Iranian New Year

Iranian New Year Celebrating Nowruz the Iranian New Year at UCLA, Royce Hall, Dickson Court. Farhang Foundation is a nonreligious, non political, and nonprofit foundation dedicated to celebrating Iranian art and culture for the benefit of the community at large....

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Hooked On Comics -04.13.17- Paul Sager

Paul Sager In today's episode of Hooked On Comics, host Michael Lopez is joined by Paul Sager, the owner of Continental Comics, one of the oldest comic book stores in the San Fernando Valley. Michael and Paul discuss Paul's love for comics that led him to becoming a...

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A Helpful Heart -03.29.17- Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth On episode 4 of “A Helpful Heart” Rebecca Paredes sits down with Jessica Barry who is the program assistant for non-profit Heaven on Earth. The organization is to "transform the lives of homeless cats through rescue, sanctuary, and new...

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Farsi Show -03.29.17- Music Duo

Music Duo Today on "The Farsi Show" host Henigame introduce  two professional musicians Nava Emami &  Mehdi Aligholi. The duo played Classic Iranian Music live in studio using the instruments Setar and Santoor . The Iranian music instructor Nava Emami 34 with a...

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Let’s Get Reel -03.27.17- The Warner Archive

The Warner Archive   “Let’s Get Reel” is the show where we get to meet the people that make film happen. In this episode, host Salvador Fariaz talks with Matthew Patterson who works with the Warner Archive that brings old and obscure Warner Bros. films and shows to...

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Exposure -03.27.17- The Astrophotographer

The Astrophotographer Exposure with Skylar Lester is a show about notable figures in the world of photography. On this episode, Skylar interviews astrophotographer and LA times staff photographer, Raul Roa. Raul is an avid nature photographer who is especially...

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The Daily T -03.23.17- Say My Name

"Say My Name" On Episode 1 of "The Daily T" host  Taylor Thibodaux had the opportunity to interview singer songwriter Taylor Hill . During the interview they talked about how much God influenced Hill's life and music, his journey from NYC to LA, and the many success...

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Let’s Get Reel -03.20.17-Krista Carpenter

Krista Carpenter   “Let’s Get Reel” is the show where we get to meet the people that make film happen. In this episode, host Salvador Fariaz talks with Krista Carpenter, a veteran in the entertainment industry. Carpenter talks about how she moved from her...

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Team is much like a baseball team. We have individuals who come together for a common cause, which is to produce radio shows. Jeff Favre teaches and advises reporters in the techniques used to create radio content. Our reporters choose the topics  and the direction of the show.
Our team produces weekly content in our live in broadcast studio at Pierce College. The broadcast studio is located inside Village 8212. Next door to The Roundup News and The Bull Magazine.
Team projects are called Pierce Profiles, which are podcasts.  Other projects like community documentaries are pre-recorded outside the studio. Podcasts are created by Broadcasting and Multimedia students using handheld recording equipment.
Pierce Profiles are where our team reporters produce a radio profile about a person, group or department of Pierce College.
Multitopics are pre-produced community features created by students attending Multimedia 114. Tracie Savage teaches and advises multimedia students in the industry practices used to create professional audio and video projects for news.

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