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Center Stage -03.16.17- Maureen Toth

Maureen Toth In today's second segment of Center Stage singer/song writer and business owner Maureen Toth drops by the studio to talk about her Album Cut Flowers, which dropped in February of this year, performs two songs live for us in the studio, and discusses...

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Dance My Way- 10.18.16- Dance In Motion

Dance In Motion Dance My Way with Randi Love is a show that focuses on promoting an interest in various dance styles and the individuals that teach it. On this episode Randi talks with Natalya Vasser, the owner of Valley studio Dance In Motion. She talks about the way...

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Dungeon Delvers -03.08.17- The Visuals

The Visuals with Brian Metcalf   Greetings, adventurers! Welcome to the worlds beyond your world, the great wheel of the cosmos.This is Dungeon Delvers,where we explore the many facets of entertainment’s most interactive phenomena: gaming. Dungeon Delvers with...

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Exposure – 03.06.17 – Pierce Alumnus

Pierce Alumnus Courtney Coles Exposure with Skylar Lester is a show about notable figures in the world of Photography. On this episode Skylar interviews Courtney Coles, who is a fine art photographer and Pierce Alumnus. Coles has had her work displayed in the Getty...

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The Elements -03.06.17- The Breakup

The Breakup with Belin Merino Welcome to the Elements where host Sandra Montano gives you the break down of relationships every week on her show. Today she had music producer and song writer Belin Merino who gave the details on her most recent breakup. Merino revealed...

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Hooked On Comics -03.02.17- Lisa Valdez

Lisa Valdez Hooken on Comic's is where the listener can tune in to flip through the pages of the comic book world with host Michael Lopez.  On this week's edition Pierce College Liberian and comic enthusiast Lisa Valdez joins Michael Lopez in studio to discuss her...

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The Eavesdrop -03.02.17- Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms The Eavesdrop with Danielle Kimble is a show about life, love and all things taboo. On this episode Danielle interviews Ashleigh Simons, and employee and consumer of Bloom Farms Medical Cannibas Company. Ashleigh discusses her first experiences with...

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A Helpful Heart -03.01.17- Kori Oyler

Kori Oyler On the first episode of A Helpful Heart, Rebecca Paredes will be interviewing Kori Oyler who has created her own project to give back to the homeless in her community. When starting any business or organization there will always be ups and downs and on...

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Fall 2015 Photos

Team is much like a baseball team. We have individuals who come together for a common cause, which is to produce radio shows. Jeff Favre teaches and advises reporters in the techniques used to create radio content. Our reporters choose the topics  and the direction of the show.
Our team produces weekly content in our live in broadcast studio at Pierce College. The broadcast studio is located inside Village 8212. Next door to The Roundup News and The Bull Magazine.
Team projects are called Pierce Profiles, which are podcasts.  Other projects like community documentaries are pre-recorded outside the studio. Podcasts are created by Broadcasting and Multimedia students using handheld recording equipment.
Pierce Profiles are where our team reporters produce a radio profile about a person, group or department of Pierce College.
Multitopics are pre-produced community features created by students attending Multimedia 114. Tracie Savage teaches and advises multimedia students in the industry practices used to create professional audio and video projects for news.

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