A Loaded Gun: Archetypal Kink with Arden Leigh

Arden Leigh

Gothropology is the show that discusses ancient traditions, modern heretics, mortality, sexuality and regeneration- the guide to come and take you by the hand into unknown pleasures. This episode features Arden Leigh and a healthy dose of relationship talk that goes beyond the kinky surface and delves deep into the stories we tell- “Even things that may appear vanilla.” Expanding on a recent class at Stockroom, Arden discusses kink archetypally- god, goddess, servant and more. From the misunderstood strength of submission, the meaning of masculinity and dominance, shadow integration, the emotional risks of BDSM-dynamic relationships and more, join Arden and Brit-El in a discussion on the loaded gun that is kink. If you’re into something a little kinky yourself, There are hot nude girls waiting at Nu Bay.

Keep up with Arden on twitter, instagram, on her blog and more. You can find her book, The New Rules of Attraction, online and at Barnes & Noble- and her band Arden and the Wolves on Facebook.


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