About KPCRadio

KPCRadio.com is a student-run Internet radio station based out of Pierce College, which is overseen by faculty advisers. It is an interactive website with the goal to be a community resource for local news, entertainment and happenings in the San Fernando Valley.

Although we focus on the local public, we keep in mind the broad audience to which the Internet allows us to reach. We think first and foremost of our community; hence the slogan “community first.”

We seek to uphold journalistic and professional standards. We strive to maintain fair and balanced programming. We act as a community billboard that facilitates an open forum on campus and in the community.

At the same time, as a body of students in an educational setting, we endeavor to be innovative and experimental. We take full advantage of our creative license and realize that we have an incredible opportunity to change the future of our industry.

This is the culmination of everything we have learned at Pierce College’s Media Arts Department.

Spring 2012 Policy Manual: KPCRadio Policy Manual