ADC Energy with Henry Lee

The world is facing a severe energy shortage. And Thomas Edison had the answer, but he died before it was revealed. Solar panels can only store so much energy and are being destroyed from Alternating Current (AC) energy as it converts to Direct Current (DC) energy. Power grids are burning out and energy efficiency is being lost. Civilizations rely on electric energy to survive. So the question lies, how do we solve this problem?

ADC Energy has the Answer. ADC Energy was able to complete Thomas Edison’s last invention to offer the world a new branch of energy. Answers Unleashed Host Olympia LePoint interviews Henry Lee, CEO of ADC Energy to discover the new source of energy, a ADC power this able to keep the world from running out of energy.┬áTune into /podcasts for the full 1/2 hour radio show that describes how this energy works. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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