Answers Unleashed featuring Chris Wolfe:Reporter Chris Wolfe Exposes REAL News

hosted by Olympia LePoint

What happens when you see a tragic event?  Will it break you? Or will it transform you into the person you are designed to become? News reporting impacts people around the globe.  News can inform and empower.  However, some tragic stories can do the opposite. Tragic stories can change people’s lives forever.  One such incident would change one young boy’s life into positively impacting millions of lives four decades later.  KTLA News Reporter, Chris Wolfe is an Emmy Award nominated journalist who has made a personal vow to help people positively transform with KTLA News Broadcasts.   When Chris Wolfe was 11 years old, he saw an event that would change the way he viewed the world and his role in it.  Soon after, he found himself passionately pursuing journalism and mastering live on-air opportunities to deliver the transformational “Wolfe Style News” that millions of people seek. Listen to this episode hosted by Olympia LePoint to find out how you can be positively transformed by the news stories that you watch. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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