Jimmy Hustle

Jimmy Hustle

“My name is Jimmy Hustle. I do it.”

The Daily Talk with Taylor Thibodaux is a show that focuses the positive influences in the local black community. On this episode, Taylor features Jimmy Hustle. Jimmy talks about the breadth of his experience, from singing in the church choir as a kid in Cleveland, Ohio to moving to Los Angeles to pursue music, what gave him his drive and what he’s been up to in L.A. Raised by all women, Jimmy says “I grew up watching my mother grind. That’s where I get my hustle from.”

Jimmy does it all- rapping, barbering, his own web series. His advice for aspiring artists: “Get tough skin. Everybody’s not gonna like your music… you gonna have to take some criticism. Have tough skin, be knowledgeable. Whatever you feel like you wanna do, whether it be astronaut or rapper, you can do it, never let nobody tell you no.” Tune in for the full conversation!

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