Theatre Department

Theatre Department

Stephen Nicholson focuses on Pierce College Theatre Arts.

Welcome to Documentary Profiles. The documentaries are segments where reporters cover a variety of issues. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews with individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations in Los Angeles County. In this segment Stephen Nicholson focuses on the Pierce College Theatre Department. Michael Sande, who is the managing director talks about how much he loves theatre arts, and says that he came to Pierce to share this passion by working with students.

Assistant Professor of Theatre Arts Shaheen Vaaz-Chamarbagwala explains about how she transitioned from acting to teaching. She also shares a few tips on acting. Stage technician Edward Salas talks about his duties, and he shares his view about theatre and performance art. Leah Foster, who is a model and makeup artist mentions the challenges and rewards of performing arts, and talks about the professionalism of the faculty and production staff. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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