Documentary: DJs in the Desert

Created by Dominique Dungo

Are you interested in knowing what a disc jockey’s life is really all about? KPCRadio reporter Dominique Dungo interviews Tropical House resident Ben Annand to come join us in our journey to find out the inside world of music and to give us inspiration and motivation to really go for what you want but to do it for yourself. Ben Annand works part time as a DJ and a second-language teacher to adults and also has a family which he says is a full time job. He’s traveled many places around the world to perform and be inspired by the dancers that stop by the events and loves to keep the dance floor moving. Hermie Kapella, a microtonal theorist and music theorist expresses his opinion on DJs. Brandon Wollner and Anthony Cacho, former fans and supporters of Annand were also included in this piece to discuss why they look up to Ben and have been supporting for so long. Lucas Dodson and Brad Moontribe are current and long time friends with Ben Annand and shares their opinions and positive mindsets on Ben and reaching for your goals. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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