Art Education

Art Education

Malena Fuentes focuses on education for the arts in LAUSD.

Welcome to Documentary Profiles. The documentaries are segments where reporters cover a variety of issues. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews with individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations in Los Angeles County. In this segment Malena Fuentes focuses on art education in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Patricia Torres-McLeod, who teaches art at Grant High School shares her love for children, and how her teaching process is a product of that emotion. Evelyn Serrano, who is the arts integration coordinator at LFCSA mentions that the Arts is an academic discipline, and that she believes that it is a integral part of education process.

Steve J. McCarthy, PhD. is the K-12 arts coordinator of the Arts Branch at LAUSD. Steve agrees that visual and performing arts is part of the core standards, and that creativity is currently essential for working in all industries. Grant High art student Gustavo Fuentes talks about how Patricia Torres-McLeod originally encouraged him to try art, and how the decision has helped him choose a path for his future. Emily Aslan, another art student at Grant explains how Torres-McLeod sees potential in her students, and motivate them to achieve success. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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