Jose Hernandez focuses on the Craft & Folk Art Museum.

Welcome to Documentary Profiles. The documentaries are segments where reporters cover a variety of issues. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews with individuals, groups, businesses, or organizations in Los Angeles County. In this segment Jose Hernandez focuses on the Craft and Folk Art Museum ( CAFAM ) in Los Angeles.

Suzanne Isken, who is the executive director talks about her experiences as a board member, and the direction of the museum’s focus for future gallery exhibitions. The manager of exhibitions and communications Sasha Ali shares some of the education programs, which are open to the public. She also talks about her responsibilities, and how the staff chooses the art for each show. Designer and social media manager Michelle Cho talks about how she designs the print, web and marketing materials.

Sonia Mak-Shahbazi, who is the Development manager discusses how she is responsible for grant writing and fundraising. Exhibitions curator Holly Jerger mentions that the museum is small, and the staff wears many hats. She also talks about the upcoming shows soon be held in the museums gallery. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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