Lady of the Roses


“Those who left, to build their world, and those who stayed behind, to build the world.”
Farsi Show goes around the city to be a bridge between you and the cultural, literature, and arts events. UCLA hosted a screening Lady Of The Roses, a moving documentary about the Lady (Shahindokht Sanati) who replaced poppies with roses, and opium with rose water, and took this so far as transforming the agricultural destiny of whole region. The story is told by Houmayoun Sanati, her spouse. Homayoun is the founder of Franklin Publishing, Offset Printing House, Pars Paper Co. and owner and manager of an orphanage in Kerman, and who, as a whole, is considered a one of kind figure in Iran’s culture, industry and history.
In this episode of the Farsi Show you are hearing his voice, his story, and his poetry. You also are witnessing Mojtaba Mirtahmasb: documentary filmmaker, researcher, director and writer of this documentary. Mojtaba came from Iran, to answers the audience questions about himself, the inspiration for his movie and documentary personages.Executive producer Zahra Dowlatabadi, Homayoun’s niece, speaks on family memories.


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