Immigration Invocation


The Farsi Show with Hengame Abassi is a show that focuses on the local Farsi-speaking community. This season carries a theme: the immigration story. The story of defeat and victory, joy and sorrow, hardship and achievement. This episode is recorded in West Los Angeles’ Iranian Art and Culture House (خانه فرهنگ و هنر ايران). Elham, the musical artist playing this event’s sold-out concert, balances being a student at Pierce College as well as being a professional singer, in addition to an upcoming album release. A wide variety of artists and celebrities are present, including popular composer J. Pasoki- the turning point of event- also and well-loved musician Fakhri Khorvash. Hengame interviews some of the artists and Pierce college students present- professional singer and Pierce College student Faryar, who discusses classmates, Elham and the day’s events. Event MC Mahnaz Dosti, and event decorator plus Pierce college student Parisa Hafezi are also featured to share their feelings and opinions about the event for

Stay tuned for further installments of the Farsi Show’s season on immigration, and listen to the Farsi Show’s episode with Elham here.


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