Happy Hour is a weekly talk show hosted by Victor Kamont where Victor and his guests talk about their passions as well as words of wisdom and learning they can share with the audience. On this episode, Happy hour is pleased to Have George Bloodwell Stylist for over 200 celebrities, Kevin L. A. hairstylist in Hollywood with many celebrity clients, and Denni Rosenquist an International banker at Barclays Bank in London. We talked about their upbringing in London, Their careers, and Bloodwell talks about his journey through life and his quest for inner peace, His interaction with many celebrities like George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Leonard Coen,Elton John just to name a few, and his rise through the fashion industry starting in London, Milan Italy and to his current home base in Beverly Hills. This is part one. Bloodwell will be back to discuss his passion for inner peace and his life journey.

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