Marlboro Marine

Marlboro Marine

Luis Sinco shares the story of James Blake Miller

In The Hot Box with Mareo Lawson is a show that is dedicated to interviewing members of the local community, reporting news, and events, from inside the San Fernando Valley’s Hot Box. On this episode Mareo attends a presentation about the Marlboro Marine. During the Pierce Media Arts Speaker Series Los Angeles Times Photographer Luis Sinco shares his experiences on assignment from Fallujah to Appalachia with Lance Corporal James Blake Miller.

In The Hot Box - 04-11-17 - Marlboro Marine

by Mareo Lawson | Team

Luis Sinco presents a riveting documentary of the dilemmas faced by Miller and other Veterans of Foreign Wars. Sinco explains the challenges faced by veterans and war correspondents coping with PTSD. The photographic documentary is narrated by James Blake Miller, who discusses his struggle with adjusting to civilian life. Luis talks about an ethical decision he had to make and the consequences that arose from his choice. He also shared two more photo presentations during the series.

Marlboro Marine

If you missed this Speaker Series this month stay tuned for more from the Pierce Media Arts Department. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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