This week, hosts Fahema Kakar and Anamika Panday interview a composer and singer-songwritter, Hayat Kakar. He speaks and sings in many different languages and has traveled all over the world. He currently works for Payam-E-Afghan International Television on “The GuloGulzar Show” with his two daughters Fahema Kakar (host of “Bollywood in Hollywood”) and Maryam Kakar. He has also been interviewed by BBC on three occasions, twice on Freedom Radio Europe, by Payam-E-Afghan and Noor TV. Both “Voice of America” and Kabul Radio have featured his music.

Learn about his life experiences as Hayat Kakar offers some advice.

Listeners will also get a great review of the recently released Bollywood movie: “Guzarish,” and a wonderful recipe for a dish called roth.

Be sure to tune in, to find out more!

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