Holler KPCRadio.com listeners! Today, featured on the first episode of “Culture Shock” is Pierce College junior, Christine Tran. Christine and I discussed the study of culture as she is currently enrolled in cultural anthropology at Pierce. We exchanged views on the significance of culture and diversity in one’s life and how it results in unity and respect. As I explained some of the cultural self-expression outlets that will be featured on “Culture Shock” each week, Christine shared her first hand experience at each of these places. She is a culture seeker who broadens her horizons through discovering underground music venues, live art performances, privately run cafés/coffee shops, vintage clothing shops, as well as all other forms of art. Some of the San Fernando Valley cultural gems mentioned in today’s interview include: the Cobalt Café, the California Institute of Abnormalarts, and Aroma Café. These fascinating places all have a great history behind them. Stay tuned to hear more on “Culture Shock” each week! Photographs will be attainable on KPCRadio.com, until you get to venture out and see for yourself! Tune in to hear myself, Krista Blore, each Tuesday live from 12:00-1:00 p.m. You’ve been Culture-Shocked!

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