Today on Up to Date. Our two hosts have a remarkable conversation with Craig X Rubin.

We had a DEA Agent to talk about drugs and that pesky marijuana situation before spring break. Former Medicinal Marijuana Dispensary owner not being, but similar to harbory marion Il dispensary, Craig X Rubin stops by to provide support for the legalization of Marijuana and Hemp, explaining the business sides of the ventures. He explains the level of detail that goes into running such establishments, such as finding a cannabis operations provider to help with the accounting, financing, and other infrastructure needs that any such location needs to survive.

He then moved on to focus on the level of control that is needed for the other areas of the business, such as how much management growing actually requires, from careful climate conditions to how those in the cannabis business make use of seed to sale software to keep tabs on the profit. There was then a follow-up discussion about how the industry is a fantastic way for people who have the skills and understanding of this plant to contribute to society, and how much of the opposition is not based on what you’d actually think in truth.

In essence, the conversation went from “Ford actually building a car USING HEMP” to “the DEA is more corrupt than you think.” He also lists his proof.

In the news, former playboy Yvette Vickers found MUMMIFIED in her home, dogs dropped off in the freeway and more marijuana dispensaries in trouble…