Cosmo Latina

Cosmo Latina

Isela and Julia are interview performer Edgar Diaz, while talking Cosmo.

Local Voices with Isela Gonzalez is a weekly talk show thats discusses local community issues. On this episode Isela interviews Julia Alvarez, who is a public relations strategist, talks about working with Cosmopolitan Latina. They talk about the upcoming Cosmo Latina event, and discuss what it means to be Miss Latina Cosmopolitan.

Julia talks about the scholarship, while explaining the history of the show, and the contest entry fee. She also talks about a future event with Teleton Foundation USA. Isela introduce stage performer and actor Edgar Diaz. He talks about his stage show, and what it takes to make on stage changes. Edgar also does a few impressions live on the air. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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