Mexico for the World

Mexico for the World

Mexico para el Mundo

Local Voices with Isela González is a weekly talk show discussing local community issues to inform. On this episode, Isela interviews Rosi Gutierrez, CEO and founder of Mexico for the World. Isela is also joined by Julia Alvarez, a public relations strategist, and Paulino Durán, who is a social media marketer. Rosi mentions that her organization focuses on sharing culture from Mexico in the United States. She talks about how they invite performing and visual artists from cities all over Mexico. She says that they promote clothing, artwork, food, crafts, and various works from all the different states.


Isela González que conduce Las Voices Locales. Que se enfocan en la comunidad. En este episodio  Isela entrevista Rosi Gutierrez que es la presidenta de Mexico para el Mundo  Julia Alvárez es publicista y Paulino Durán medio de comunicación de Mexico para el mundo. Mexico para el Mundo se enfoca en traer artistas en alto nivel de Mexico. Y  promueven la ropa, Diseños, art gastronomia, manualidades y toda su belleza de Mexico sus diferentes estados. En Agosto van a tener una exihibicion en Los Angeles. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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