Chatting with the Community

 Chatting with the Community

Jose Montes de Oca charlando con la comunidad

Local Voices with Isela González is a weekly talk show that discusses local community issues and information. On this episode, Isela is Chatting with the Community. She is joined by Jose Montes de Oca, who is a singer and a composer of Electronica music. Nadia Abrica is a community organizer from San Fernando Valley. They are also joined by Julia Alvarez, a public relations strategist and Rosie Gutierrez, who is the CEO and founder of Mexico for the World. Jose Monte de oca performs “Tocame Suavemente” and a couple of his other songs. Nadia mentions the opening of a new restaurant called Mamá Lichas Kitchen located in Sylmar. Julia and Rosie also spoke about an upcoming event.


 Isela Gonzalez que conduce Las Voices Locales. Que se enfocan en la comunidad. En este episodio  Isela entrevista a Jose Montes de Oca que es compositor y cantante Electronica musica, Nadia Abrica que es Communidad Organizadora de la area del Valley de  San Fernando, Julia Alvarez  que relaciones públicas, and Rosie Gutierrez   es Presidente y Fundadora de Mexico para el Mundo. Jose Monte de oca que canto varias canciones de su autoria que es  “Tocame Suavemente”. Nadia hizo anuncio de un nuevo restaurant abre sus puertas en Sylmar. que se llama Mamá Lichas Kitchen. Julia and Rosie hablaron sobre nuevos proyectos de Mexico para el Mundo. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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