Child Development Club

child development

Where there projects are all about the children.


Welcome to Pierce Profiles, where reporters profile a person, group or department of Pierce College. Team reporters conduct multiple interviews creating Club Profiles that feature the student-run clubs on campus. In this profile Nahal Tagavi features the Child Development Club. Tanisha Saunders the club’s president talks about the reasons why the club started, her ideas for the club, and the need on campus. Shoshona Gattidge the club’s co-adviser discusses the need to network with the similar clubs at California State University Northridge to assist students with transferring. Lila Snow, who is a full-time professor in the department, and the other co-adviser for the club mentions how important it is for students to connect with professionals in the field. She also encourages students to graduate and/ or transfer to University.

child development

Chid Development Club Members




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