Cancer Detection, Cynvenio & More


Answers Unleashed with Olympia LePoint is a show that focuses on reprogramming the brain to overcome adversity. In Olympia’s words…

Early election of cancer increases the survival rates of patients. But how early can cancer be detected?  Western medicine typically asserts that cancer in 3 to 5 centimeters in size is the earliest detection with imaging technologies. Every person has cancer cells, and the immune system works to remove them from the system before it grows.  However, those individuals with compromised immune systems may have cancer cells in their system and do not know it. And with the wrong movement or internal body environment, cells can spread before it is detectable.  One computer based pre-cancer detection system is changing the way doctors identify and treat cancer so patients can have a fighting chance earlier in the cancer detection. Join us to listen to Andre de Fusco , CEO of Cynvenio as he describes how computers care using cells and DNA to give inviduals a fighting chance for life.

Learn more about Andre’s company on the Cynvenio website.