Follow the Leader Ep.4 Pierce College Women’s Softball Coach, Brett Marschall

Follow the Leader Ep.4

Hosted by: Trish Alaskey

Brett Marschall, Economics professor and newly appointed Head Softball Coach, sat down with host Trish Alaskey to discuss his vision for the softball program that he is rebuilding this season.  They discuss his history with the game, what it takes to build an athletic program from the ground up, his goals for this season and beyond, and the recruitment process. For anyone interested in joining the team, please contact Coach Brett directly at:

Why So Scared Ep. 2

Why So Scared Ep. 2

Hosted by: Diedrick Layton

Why So Scared is a show that gets to the bottom of people’s most common fears and phobias. In this episode, Diedrick Layton sits down with Dr. Angela Belden, a professor working in Pierce College’s Department of Psychology, which you can find more information on at This week, Diedrick and Dr. Belden discuss the nature of situational phobias, how they function, and what can be done to mitigate those fears.