Podcast: Coach Parr

Coach Breanne Parr

By Jesse Bertel

Host Jesse Bertel talks about Pierce College Softball Coach Breanne Parr.


Podcast: Prof. Fields

Professor Dale Fields

By Julio Arellano

Host Julio Arellano talks about Pierce College Professor of Astronomy Dale Fields.

Podcast: Prof. Bennet

Professor Diana Bennett

By Jude Zamora

Host Jude Zamora talks about Pierce College Math Professor Diana Bennett.

Podcast: Prof. Perser

Professor Maria Perser

By Jessica Vaughan

Host Jessica Vaughan talks about Pierce Professor of Psychology Maria Perser.


Podcast: Marra Kraemer

Podcast: Marra Kraemer

Podcast: Professor Marra Kraemer

By Belen Hernandez

Belen Hernandez how Professor Marra Kraemer went from not looking to be a teacher to one of Pierce’s own English professors.

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