LISTEN: A Lifetime of Recovery…It Gets Easier

The Drug Addicts and Alcoholics that struggle daily against their disease seem to think that they cannot stop.  Some do not know why they cannot stop or do not see what their abuse has done with their relationships.

It seems like there is no way out…. but there is.

We follow Julie, Claudia, and Leonard as they summarize their recovery process.  From their “Moment of Clarity” to how they feel now after letting go of their addictions.

Tom Lancaster is a certified counselor and manager of a Sober Living Facility who also had a hard past of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.  He provides a professional insight to the recovery process.

DISCLAIMER:  Due to the rules of Narcotics/Alcoholics Anonymous, we will not provide the last names of these individuals other than Tom Lancaster.

Listen: Thrive! – The Living Well Show – helping veterans to thrive

Listen: Thrive! – The Living Well Show – helping veterans to thrive

Representatives from the Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) came to share information about how they are helping veteran’s thrive! Sandra Robertson, Patient Centered Care Coordinator, talked about Patient Centered Care, the new focus that the DVA has taken to provide veterans with the health related support they need, and a variety of healing modalities that compliment western medicine, such as Tai Chi Classes, pet therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, yoga, drum circles etc. Alisa Donner, Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Manager discussed Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT), a new health care delivery system that provides veterans with their own “team” for health promotion. Callie Wight, Women Veterans Program Manager highlighted the issues that women vets experience and the services offered to this fast growing population of veterans.

When it comes to the health of veterans, it has never been more important than it is now. Transitioning from the military back to normal, everyday life can wreak havoc on their mental wellbeing. But the possibility of them coming across financial hardships along the way is also very likely, and without receiving the relevant support, their health is only going to continue to suffer. They shouldn’t worry though. By visiting sites similar to, you can find out what types of financial support are on offer for veterans returning from combat, and this is based on whether they have been wounded, are disabled, or if they’re homeless, amongst other things. This type of help can take the pressure off them when returning to civilian life, and if this is controlled, it could improve their health as a result. But sometimes this is not the case, and learning about what type of services are offered to returning veterans is a step in the right direction.

For more information about today’s topics visit:

Greater Los Angeles Health Care System (DVA)

Patient Centered Care

Patient Aligned Care Teams

VA Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Women Veteran’s Issues


listen: Loungin With Randy – After Page 70 is…

listen: Loungin With Randy – After Page 70 is…

Listen to Loungin with Randy  highlighting lounge Page 71 in Studio City. Check out this hot spot in the Valley!

Listen: Up to Date with Ricci ‘n’ Rick – Last Call

On today’s final show for the semester, Personal Trainer Jack Potter stops by the studio to give us work-out tips, and gives advise on how to eat healthy. Jack also talks about a new way to track your calories, and calculate how many calories you need per day. And, If you can’t afford a personal trainer, well Jack can you give you written gym excercise by logging onto his website.

As far as the news goes…teenagers did a prank that ended up one teen in the hospitial, LA County beaches aren’t so clean, and Erich updates you on the Bryan Stow case.

Listen: Film Fanatics – Things that go bump in the night

Listen: Film Fanatics – Things that go bump in the night

The sun is shining and spring 2011 is just starting, so naturally Noel and Shane have horror movies on their minds. Special guess Paul jumps in to talk about cult classics, like the Evil Dead, The Shining and all your favorites.