Documentary: On the Front Lines

On the Front Lines

By Chris Riscen

There are market workers working on the front lines during the Coronavirus pandemic. They have been working since the country announced the pandemic. Anthony Poulakos and Efrain Gonzalez are some of the many front line workers. Poulakos’ mother Dawn Richoux expressed concerns of her son working. Debbie Olson, a nurse at UCLA goes over ways to stay safe.

Documentary: Military Life in the Era of COVID-19

Military Life in the Era of COVID-19

By Rafael Fogoschensul

In this documentary, host Rafael Fogoschensul consults members of the military to go over all the policies of the life in the military under the conditions of COVID-19.

Documentary: Angeleno Artists

Angeleno Artists

By Katelyn Negrete

Get a look into the Art Scene in Los Angeles! From selling art to art events, and all the way to how the Covid-19 Pandemic has affected Los Angeles’ local Artists.

Documentary: In the Business of Gems and Jewels

In the Business of Gems and Jewels

By Serene Al-Tayab

The jewelry business through the eyes of celebrities and rappers is booming, but there is so much more than blinged out necklaces. Allie Mast has an online shop Lilac and Lily where she sells ethically sourced jewelry mainly through twitter. Angel Allafah works in Miami, Florida and makes big custom pieces embedded with diamonds for his many clients. Sonia Hernandez is an avid jewelry buyer. Hector Madera a jeweler expert speaks on De Beers Group Company and more.

Documentary: The Music about Life and Endless Nights

The Music about Life and Endless Nights

By William Rogero

Host William Rogero explores the world of salsa, and what makes its lifestyle live-on.

Special thanks to Christina Haggerty, of La Clave salsa club, and Lenny Montes, owner of DanZone. Special mention to the book: Salsa Chica by author Solange Castro, and social dancer Alicia Bergman.