Documentary: The Coast Guard

By Adrian Cortes-Heredia

Reporting from, host, Adrian Cortes-Heredia, goes into the minds and experiences of people who joined the Coast Guard and have dedicated their time to try and save lives out at sea., Starting with Zachary Moore an Aviation Technician in the Coast Guard who got some words of wisdom from his father that reflected on his decision on joining and coming to face the challenges. Retired Coast Guard, Eddie Jimenez gives us some tips on what the Coast Guard meant to him and the rescue missions he was involved in. We interview Kevin Garcia who was mentored by Jimenez and was the one who taught Moore how to do his job, as he goes into detail on saving a family of four-stranded at sea. Of course for some, we need to know how to join in the first place and Duy Lam who is experienced in being a recruiter for the Coast Guard gives us the rundown of what they look for in a person when they get new recruiters.