Eating: Cake Bash Studio & Bakery

Hosted by Gabriella Gregor-Splaver

Family traditions have long preserved the history of multiple generations. Cooking and recipes especially have played an integral part in the nurturing of this family connection. On our final episode of Eating we have the pleasure of talking to Miredys Peguero, one of the sister Co-Owner’s of Cake Bash Studio & Bakery. Ms. Peguero shares how her Puerto Rican family’s traditions intertwine¬†with her passion for cakes, how she’s focused on the community around her bakeshop, and gives us a peek into her future plans for both her and her sister. I want to thank everyone for taking¬†the time to listen to Eating and hope that your future experiences are as deliciously sweet as a slice of cake.

Cake Bash Studio & Bakery Info:

17246 Vanowen St unit c, Lake Balboa, CA 91406

This episode was recorded remotely from the studio during the COVID-19 Los Angeles Safer-at-Home initiative.