Eating: Crème Caramel LA

Hosted by Gabriella Gregor-Splaver

Being able to combine different culinary traditions from around the world and create foods that have amazing flavor and texture is one of the most difficult things to master as a chef. On this episode of Eating, we have the pleasure of talking to Kristine De La Cruz the Chef and Owner of Crème Caramel LA famous for their Filipino and American custards and confection desserts, you may have seen on Food Network. Chef De La Cruz shares her intertwining passion for business and baked goods, her phenomenal success, and how eating turned her bakery into the community hub it is today.

Crème Caramel LA’s Info:

14849 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91411

This episode was recorded remotely from the studio during the COVID-19 Los Angeles Safer-at-Home initiative.