Electronic Echoes: Exploring the world of SWRadiogram

Hosted by Aaron Castillo

On this episode of Electronic Echoes we talk to Dr. Kim Andrew Elliott (KD9XB), former audience research analyst, for Voice of America and the Broadcasting Board of Governors, former producer of “Communications World,” and “VOA Radiogram” for the Voice of America, and current producer of Shortwave Radiogram (SWRadiogram), a weekly broadcast that transmits interesting articles, and images over the air via Shortwave Radio. Come along as we talk about what a Radiogram is exactly, the evolution of text and images over the air, and how SDRadiogram is run. Learn about what it takes to run a show on Shortwave, and some of the experiments, challenges, and successes that come along each week. You can learn more about SWRadiogram at https://swradiogram.net/.

This episode was recorded remotely from the studio during the COVID-19 Los Angeles Safer-at-Home initiative.