Gay Rights Activist Shervin Khorramian

 On today’s episode of “The Farsi Show” Hengame Abassi interviews Shervin Khorramian, a gay rights activist who was one of the main organizers of the “Out of Iran & Out of closet an LGBTQ” event. Khorramian was born in Germany in 1970. He moved a few years later to Iran and by Age 8 he was living in the U.S. Khorramian then went back to live in Germany, where he came out and discovered what it feels to live a real life. Eventually Khorramian graduated with a B.S. in Physics with a concentration in Physical Biochemistry from UCLA.  He received his CPA license, and championed the gay rights movement.  In his own words “So glad I showed up early in 1970”. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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