Will Silvano Martinez

Zoe Blade

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In the first 15 minutes of the show, we featured the local progressive/tech house dj Will Silvano Martinez and his view on the genre as a whole along with some of his experiences in the EDM scene in L.A. and in the U.S. in general. He takes us through his history of how he came to love Electronic Dance Music and how it has shaped his current career. In the middle 20 minutes of the show, we featured a mix of our next guest artist’s work: Zoe Blade, whose ambient soundscapes filled the air of the studio and station with a calming sense of belonging. After our relaxing middle portion, came the interview with the acclaimed producer, sharing with us, her journey through her career in electronic music production, describing her process, preferences and influences over the past few years.

Thanks for listening and tune in next week for an interview with New York Producer and DJ Sharkoff, as well as the second part of the  interview with Zoe Blade.

Below are links to our guests:

Zoe Blade


Will Silvano Martinez: