Since 1925, El Nido Family Centers has held the crown of being one of the top family centers within the state of California. One of their main purposes is breaking the stereotype of teenage parents. For a total of 88 years, El Nido Family Centers have proven their abilities with ground breaking rates!

With 6 successful locations within California; El Nido Family Centers has made itself accessible to teens everywhere. Zuly Quezada, a prior teen parent who is now working towards her Masters Degree in Social Work; stopped by “The Silhouette” to share her journey as a teen mom. Hannah Farley-Rudnick; a Family and Child Counselor also lends her expert advice and opinion for our listeners.

Enjoy the show as the host of “The Silhouette”, Ashley Walton tries to break the cycle of stereotypes with the help of her guests Zuly and Hannah!

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