I love to take Art out into the world and see how it can impact people’s lives” says John Paul Thornton, author of “Art and Courage: Stories to Inspire the Artist-Warrior Within”. Thornton has travelled around the world bringing opportunities for creative expression with him. As an art historian John Paul understands the influence art has had on society through the ages and discusses on Thrive!, where art may be going in terms of “social art” – or art that speaks about the social issues that plague communities around the globe. Thornton takes us on a journey to Nepal, Mexico, Haiti and then brings us home to the US where he talks about work done by local students in Canoga Park, and about his Missing Children’s paintings and his Guardian Angel project.

Missing Children’s Day is MAY 25th – John Paul Thornton has painted hundreds of missing children, and now sends those paintings to Guardian Angels throughout the US who in turn do something creative with the painting and their local community.

Also in studio today, prolific artist, Toni Scott, creator of “Bloodlines” now at the California African American Museum. Bloodlines, a masterful installation, reminds viewers that up until the 1940’s there were still freed slaves living and breathing in the US. The show tastefully points out that America thrives today because of 400 years of free labor. One of Toni’s points is to breath life into the ancestors who were slaves – she does this amazingly well with plaster faces of slave descendants hung on planks of wood. Larger than life images of children who are first generation freed peoples illuminates the impact slavery had on individuals, communities and in society today.

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