Service for Iranian Immigrants

Allen Ekbatani, an Iranian – American , migrated to the U.S about 15 years ago. With his extensive background in geology and engineering, Ekbatani went on to work in the engineering business for 30 years. He’s worked on a plethora of projects in his country (Iran) such as , dams, harbors and towers. In this episode we are talking about his positions as CEO, the chief board of directors, and also sharing the information of his non profit organization which was founded to help all Iranian immigrants on all subjects that they might need for being set up and get a normal situation of life in this country. As any successful immigrant will know, the process of migrating to America presents a number of difficult challenges and can be quite frustrating for many. Firstly, the process is traditionally quite lengthy. There are so many different stages, so many legal documents and, crucially, so many other immigrants looking to do the exact same thing as you in order to give themselves a better life, resulting in a system that can take quite a long time to complete. Furthermore, the uncertainty that surrounds the entire immigration process can bring a lot of stress upon families. Not knowing if your application will be accepted or not can often make people second guess themselves, but it is important to remain level headed throughout the whole process. The Visa Bulletin is the main home of crucial immigration information, and will likely be the place to look for news relevant to anybody hopeful immigrant. Checking this bulletin regularly is the best method of removing as much of the uncertainty that commonly surrounds immigration as possible. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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