The Music Forum: Shawn Lee

Hosted by Nicholas O’Neil

In this very special episode of the music forum, musician, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and video game composer Shawn Lee calls in from London to talk about how he got his start with music, meeting and working with The Dust Brothers (Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique, Fight Club score, Beck – Odelay), the trials and tribulations of recording an album only for it to never get released, and much more from his 40-year career as a musician.
His career includes collaborations with AM, Bei Bei, and Clutchy Hopkins, as well as the score for Rockstar Games’ 2006 classic “Bully”, and of course, his acclaimed Ping Pong Orchestra project. Too much to talk about in one episode!
This episode was recorded remotely from the studio during the COVID-19 Los Angeles Safer-at-Home initiative.