Yadira Gonzalez goes into the world of fitness and explores all the pros and cons about the intense workout known as cross fit. She interviews Granada Hills cross fit owner Tyler Selvage, who talks about what the benefits of doing cross fit are. Philip Rosen is a current cross fit member that talks about how his life has changed since he started practicing the sport. Servando Dominguez a Personal Trainer, also gives his professional opinion on how cross fit can affect your health if it is not handled correctly. A former Cross fitter Aristotle Green, tells us how a cross fit routine pushes a person to the limit, which is not good at all. And last, a physical therapist Sepi Aeen, tells us what injuries and body parts she has treated on patients who used to attend a cross fit gym. There are many opinions and facts about this controversial sport known as cross fit. Either good or bad, the truth is, cross fit is trendy and very popular at the moment and no one can stop that.

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