Nina Ava


Nina travelled to America only to risk loosing it all.

Every one has A story broadcast it! توجه كردين در كنار ارم نوشته شده هيچوقت به ارم
و امروز ما شنونده يكى از اين قصه ها هستيم
قصه ايى اشنا ولى به گونه اي هم متفاوت
سخت و سهمگين ولى شورانگيز
يه قصه زنونه يه قصه مادرونه قصه ايى كه شايد به شكلى گوشه ه ايى از قصه زن شرقى باشه
قصه پهلووناى ساكت و صبور ولى بى ادعا
قصه سينه هاى پرمهر زنونه و دستها و توان افسانه ايى مادرونه
قصه جدالى نابرابر براى حقوقى برابر. به قصه امروز ما گوش كنيد.

Have you ever recognized the slogan? “Every one has a story broadcast it”

Farsi Show with Heni Abassi focuses on the people in our community who make a difference across cultures. On this episode Heni interviews Nina Ava who is a Pierce College student that also works in the campus bookstore.

This is a story of a women who didn’t count on the perfect opportunity to create her own path. Brought to you by Pierce College.

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