Radio Marathon: June 1, 2018

Radio Marathon: June 1, 2018

Radio Marathon: June 1, 2018

Hosted by Victor Rodriguez and Monica Vigil

Listen to our 5-hour broadcast of back to back content including musicians, poets, interviews, and all types of fun! The 3 audio files are in chronological order from the start of the marathon to the end.

Check out the Fernando Pey rap, Serena Foster sing, and Alyesha Wise read poetry by clicking below!

The following audio files contains performances by musicians Asa EyAmanda Dyba, and Netta Nakash.

Listen to the final stretch of the marathon with an interview with Karla and Amanda Montoya, music from Joselyn and Jasmine Yang, a performance by Michael Kaiser, and tunes from Jim Long.

In the Hot Box: Speech Tournament 2018

In the Hot Box: Speech Tournament 2018

“In the Hot Box”: Speech Tournament 2018

Hosted by Mareo Lawson

“In The Hot Box” is a weekly talk show hosted by Mareo Lawson dedicated to interviewing local members of the community and reporting news, events, and traffic from the San Fernando Valley’s Hot Box. On this episode, Mareo is back to guest host for at the Los Angeles Pierce College 2018 Speech Tournament Finals.

On Friday May 11, 2018 the Great Hall was filled to capacity with Pierce College Communication students from all walks of life. Ten students will compete for the trophies, recognition, and scholarships. The judges will then vote for the top three speakers with the best informative or the best persuasive speech. Find out what these contestants will share, and who will be the top six winners for 2018. Special thanks to all of the finalists, judges, faculty, staff, and attendees. Brahmas keep charging!

In alphabetical order


David Araujo

Amir (Rod) Atarodi

Orian Fitlovich

Emma Greenberg

Diana Hovhannisyan

Robert Johnston

Ellen Lenderman

Anna Lundmark

Akane Saito

Michael Sawinski

Final Round Judges

Dr. Don Brownlee

Dr. John Kephart

Dr. Joel Lemuel

Guest Judges

Michelle Brownlee

Tiffany Chen

Alexander Howard

Troi Jeannette Phillips

Matthew Ward

LAPC Faculty & Staff

Barbara Anderson

Brianna Broady

Yeprem Davoodian

Sally Kassamanian

Jessica Kelpine

Robert Loy

Christine Ersig Marcus

Jennifer Rosenberg

Michelle Silver

 Lori Travis

Documentary: Why We Act

Documentary: Why We Act

By Steve Lopez


Go on a journey hosted by Steve Lopez to get inside an actor’s mind and why they continue to pursue acting, even with all the competition.

Pierce College Daily News Hour: The Last Hurrah

Pierce College Daily News Hour: The Last Hurrah

The Pierce College Daily News Hour: The Last Hurrah

Hosted by Daniel Uhlenberg and Andy Shaktah AKA Andy Shaktah

It’s all over, listeners. Steve found us.

Comedy with Cameron: Cruising his way in comedy

Comedy with Cameron: Cruising his way in comedy

Comedy with Cameron featuring Dave Goodman: Cruising his way in comedy

Hosted by Cameron Kern

This week on “Comedy With Cameron,” a job that’s no laughing matter, Cameron sat down with author of the critically acclaimed book, confessions of a cruise ship standup comedian: Stories from the Lido deck, and long time stand up comedian Dave Goodman. Dave has worked in the industry for many years, headlining shows in Las Vegas, Traveling the world doing comedy on cruise ships and even performing for our United States Military. Cameron and Dave spoke about Dave’s extensive career in the comedy field and the wild friendships he’s forged along the way.