Time Machine Express: The History of Suriname

Time Machine Express: The History of Suriname

Time Machine Express featuring Chey Cheung

Hosted by William Rogero

Guest Chey Cheung (from the Netherlands) is Surinamese Dutch, and in this episode, she shares with us the history of Suriname. Click here to get updates about upcoming history shows.

This episode was recorded remotely from the studio during the COVID-19 Los Angeles Safer-at-Home initiative.

Podcast: Human Resources

Human Resources

by Serene Al-Tayab

At Target, Human Resources Executive Team Lead Lux Gesite and her HR team member, Valeria Lopez, work around COVID-19 to ensure team members around the store are cared for.

Podcasts: Tutoring with Richard Stewart

Tutoring with Richard Stewart

by Samantha Mandel

Richard Stewart is a Spanish tutor who is struggling to continue helping his students due to the pandemic. Stewart goes into detail about how the students have a lot on their plate at the moment, and in Spanish is last on their list. Ethan Sloan and James Morales are students of his that explain how difficult remote learning classes are and how frustrated they’re becoming with their Spanish classes amongst the rest of their classes.