About KPCRadio.com

Spring 2023 Directors Staff

Program Director  – Christian Castellanos

Faculty Adviser – Jeff Favre

KPCRadio.com is a student-run Internet radio station based out of Pierce College.

Our goal is to be a community resource for local news, entertainment, social issues and more in the San Fernando Valley. Launched in April 2010, KPCRadio.com aims to provide the Pierce College community a journalistic and creative platform.

Our shows are hosted by broadcasting students and professors on campus.

Previous Program DirectorsSr. Executive Producers

2022: Giselle Lomeli

2022: Hannah Howell

2021: Whitney Evans

2021: Nigel Suarez

2020: Michael Benavides

2019-2020: Paulina Vidanez

2019: Michael Benavides

2018: Steve Lopez

2018: Marc Dionne

2017-2018: Monica Vigil

2017: Taylor Thibodaux

2016: Brit-El Mabourakh

2015-2016: Mareo-Ahmir Lawson

2014-2015: Matt Gottesman

2013-2014: Nick McNamara

2013: Charlie Knapp

2012: Alan Binder

2011: James Harmon

2011: Melody Soto

2010: Natalie Yemenjia

To learn more about the operation of KPCRadio.com. Refer to the KPCRadio.com policy manual.

6201 Winnetka Ave, Los Angeles, CA 91371
(818) 710-2247

To learn about how to be on a show or to share your music Contact Us

(Guests or artists must reside or work in the San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles area.)