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Do Something Amazing: My People

Do Something Amazing: Dream Act

On today’s show we discussed the social issues undocumented people face in their daily life. We also uncovered the misconceptions of the Dream Act, and enlightened the true reason why it would be beneficial to our brothers and sisters.

Encuentro Latino – Episode 2

On our second show we interviewed Pierce College’s Modern Language Department Chair and Spanish Literature and Civilization Proffessor Fernando Oleas.  We also had a musical performance by Pablo de la Cruz. Our show included a discussion about the latest Nobel prize of literature, a recipe by a culinary arts student, and a musical presentation.

In Production – Episode 5

On this week’s episode of “In Production,” Aaron and Shalea interview Jennifer Penton, Assistant Professor of Cinema and Multimedia at Pierce College. We discuss her time at CalArts, the future of the PIerce Media Arts department, and the PIerce College Cinema Club.