Historic Moments with Manouche Kohen


Farsi Show goes around the city to be a bridge between you and the cultural, literature, and arts events. One of greats of our time, Manouchehr Kohen is a distinguished Iranian-Jewish engineer. He was responsible for the engineering of cities, modern hospitals, and many mosques and synagogues in Iran. Kohen’s valuable services in literature, art, and engineering in our country have touched the lives of many. He welcomed Hengame into his private library in Bel Air and shared his story with Farsi Show listeners . He revealed to us how, despite a death sentence, he was released from prison with an experience that could be called miraculous. Kohen tells  the story of his first meeting with Mohammad Reza, Shah Pahlavi, and receiving his first award from the hands of the Shah. Kohan also shared some of his lyrics with Farsi Show listeners. Tune in for a historic show.

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