Hospitality with Andrew Gurevich


Professor Andrew Gurevich joins in from Portland, Oregon.

Gothropology is a show that discusses spirituality, ancient traditions, social deconstruction and more with your host Brit-El Mabourakh. On the latest installment of Gothropology, Brit-El speaks with Professor Andrew Gurevich about consciousness, religion, language and its place in our perspective hospitality as the quintessential virtue, untamed goddessdom and so much more. From “podcast power bottom” on Tangentially Speaking to host of community-centric, transformation-based On The Block Radio, Andrew imparts wisdom from a variety of related topics. Listen further for a plethora of insight to unpack.

Follow Andrew’s thoughts on Facebook at On The Block Radio and Twitter at @OTBRADIO and @agingprophet.

Brit-El will be posting religion-specific insight on her new blog, Brought to you by Pierce College.

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