The Woman-Scented Elevator



The Farsi Show with Hengame Abassi is a show that focuses on the local Farsi-speaking community. This episode features Elham Gordi, an Iranian poet with a bachelor’s in family law. In this episode, Elham talks about immigration and the positive effects on her life. She also dicusses her published books; I’ve Been Left in Your Silence, Region Pub, Scent of a Woman in the Elevator, An Anthology of Modern Persian Poetry as well as collected poems translated from English. Elham talks about her experiences as social worker when she was working at Reyhaneh House (Center for Disadvantaged and Runaway Girls in Iran), and as volunteer teachers for children in labor, Center for Labour and Street Children, on Qhaar Street. She shares the differences between being a social worker for street children in Iran, and working with autistic children in the United States.

She also gives live readings of unpublished poems, exclusive to the Farsi Show on