Baptism By Flame

Kristin Dwan

Gothropology is the show that discusses ancient traditions, modern heretics, mortality, sexuality and regeneration- the guide to come and take you by the hand into unknown pleasures. On this episode, reiki master Kristin Dwan shares her lifelong relationship with fire and healing. From third degree burns and a burnt house to regeneration, from job loss to career renewal, Kristin shares an impassioned, compassionate testament to the human will and the awe-inspiring power of fire to destroy and to cleanse. Kristin heals full-time with The Healing Woods, her Los Angeles-centric business that offers healing via reiki, fire cupping and tarot reading. Kristin also counsels other spiritual healers in establishing their own business, solidifying a partnership of energy workers to “heal the world.” Baptism by Flame is the engaging, nonfiction workbook-memoir that makes Kristin’s evolution into an accessible tool for the reader’s personal growth as well.

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