2. Tackling the Valley - 05-10-10@http://KPCRadio     

Monday, Tyler McGee and Adrian Herrera talked about the high school sports scene in the valley. Herrera and McGee talked about the Taft Birmingham football rivalry and the players that have come out of the Valley recently and in the past. We also talked about the effects of having a pool on campus and how it has affected Birmingham and Cleveland. Rounding out the show we talked about schooling and the affect it has had on some athletes in high school sports.
On next week’s show Herrera and McGee will take to the Rugby pitch and talk to UCLA head coach and former Canadian star Scott Stewart. We may also talk to Pierce athlete and recently named State Diver of the Year Jamie Flynn. Athletic Director Bob Lofrano may also stop by and talk about the struggles with recent proposed budget cuts. While also talking about the misconception there is about Junior College athletes.
Tune in Monday at noon for the next installment of “Tackling the Valley” as Herrera and McGee tackle college sports.