Today’s show focused on alternative fitness modalities for those who can’t do conventional fitness – those with limited mobility; whether that be because they are senior, they haven’t exercised in a while, they are living with injuries, or because of a disability. Living with limited mobility is difficult and whilst some things, like an accessible bathroom (visit the Absolute Mobility for more information) are a necessity, exercise if often not seen the same. This means that these people aren’t getting the exercise they require, which has a negative impact on their health. Mai Jara, Director of Adapted Aquatics at Cal State Northridge (CSUN), spoke about what adapted aquatics are, who benefits from them, and the marvelous resources available to the public at CSUN. She also talked about where else to find services, and how the programs at CSUN are training others to teach adapted aquatics.

Exercise is important for all of us. However, exercise doesn’t have to be extremely active, as long as the correct muscles are being exercised, people should be fine. For seniors and those with limited mobility, it can seem like exercise is out of the question. However, it isn’t. There are multiple ways for these people to have a more active lifestyle without putting too much pressure on themselves. By contacting a local physical therapist, like those at Luna (, these people can learn how to relieve any pain that they might be experiencing, allowing them to have a more active life. It’s important to contact a physical therapist if you’re experiencing some pain, it’s not worth making any existing pain worse. Once pain is cleared, seniors and those with limited mobility can start looking into simple exercise techniques.

Susan Winter Ward, an internationally acclaimed yoga instructor who offers resources for seniors, boomers, and new beginners, spoke about “seated chair yoga”. Susan conducted several yoga exercises that listeners can do at work, when in front of the computer, or if they are limited to a chair. Susan offers award-winning DVDs and MP3’s through her company, “Sitting Fit” – if you’re interested she’s offering a 20% discount when you enter the code KPCRADIO in the discount code box. Super cool!

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Yoga for the Young at Heart – Sitting Fit

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