Let The Games Begin


Sienna and the first contestants.

Not Your Typical Game Show, the show where asking questions is only a part of the fun. The contestants will answer trivia questions about past, present, and everything in between. If they don’t know the answers, hostess Sienna Kowlessar always does. This first episode featured Contestant #1: Roger Lipkis, Entrepreneur, who is currently an independent travel agent for Luxe Travel, and Contestant #2: William Pile, an aspiring artist who left his job at Kaiser Permanente to pursue his dreams. With a many topics to choose from some such as Politics, Spelling, Music, African American History, and Pop Culture. Lipkis ended up coming out on top with a score of 13-5. These weren’t your typical easy trivia questions. By the end of the show, both contestants learned facts they didn’t know before.